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The Mothman Travel Jar Candle Cryptids Folklore Collection

The Mothman Travel Jar Candle Cryptids Folklore Collection

SKU: 364215375135191

The Mothman Cryptids Folklore collection takes its inspiration from legendary folklore characters. They are packaged in a black aluminum tin that you can take anywhere. Don't want an open flame? You can place it under a candle lamp or on a candle warming tray and enjoy the scent without a flame. Perfect gift for the cryptid enthusiast in your life--or for you!
Each character is a unique scent in a parasoy wax blend for maximum scent carrying capacity; hand poured in small batches in 8oz containers, net wt 5oz/142g.
The Mothman: A unisex scent reminiscent of Mojave Ghost (type); notes of sandalwood and amber and a hint of something sweet.
The Siren: A dreamy luxurious scent rich with lavender and vanilla. Very popular feminine fragrance.
The Banshee: Fruity and flirty with notes of pear and a lush sweetness.
The Wendigo: Another unisex scent with tobacco and vanilla notes on a base of cedar and cinnamon. Delicious.
The Kraken: Seasalty and stormy.
The Sasquatch: A masculine scent with tones of birchwood.
The Yeti: Like cool ice, a fresh masculine scent reminiscent of Black Ice (type). This is the most popular scent by far.
The Bunyip: A warm wind from Down Under with a soft base of amber and sandalwood and a subtle hint of cedar.


    See listing for scent options. Parasoy blend. Approximate net weight 5oz/142g


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